Hello my dear, 

Today i am going to share something called “D-APPS” meaning Decentralized App using Block Chain. These apps are created with Block Chain. (they told) and some of the Apps Make u earn “Ethereum” or Ethereum Based token ERC 20 or something like these.

1.For This i am using. OPERA Browser in Android Phone. 

Make sure u use that browser continuesly and if u uninstall or Phone Hard Reset if anything happen. your Opera Ethereum wallet will go away. so be careful.

2. Click the Opera Icon and Select Crypto Wallet. it shows your Ethereum Balance. Actually that is your Wallet

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For Earning Money

1. Click the “D” Icon  at lower right corner

2. it will open Opera D’Apps Store

3. Now Under the Earn Crypto Section. there is a Link Called “Cent” (for ref. see picture)

4.Go to Cent it is Actually beta.cent.co Register for that. (befour u register)

How it Work

1. actually its like Social Network or Short Posting. Website 

2. and if u post anything. there is a Seed Option available for that.

3. if any of other cent users found that help full . then they can see u with “Eth” 

4. if they Seed your Post with 1$ worth ETH. then the 25% of the Money (1$) is Going to You.i mean say the Creater , and other 75% of money is going to people Who seeded that post befour you seed. 

5. initially its bit confusion for understanding. this. actually u need some ETH or Money to Earn More Money.

6. The thing is . u have u seed other peoples post. which is good and nice. 

thats it i can tell you about beta.cent.co Network.  U have to Experience that.

Actually i cant find my Refferal Address in that Cent network . so i can only show you the way to do that.

how u gonna do that is entirely your Option.

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